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Thien Nam Elevator Joint Stock Company (TNE) sincerely thanks customers have trusted and used the products (elevators, escalators, components, spare parts ...), services provided by the company granted.
The company is committed to e-commerce activities in accordance with the provisions of law, as provided for in these policies.
To ensure the benefits of our own, before setting up transactions with the Company, please carefully read the provisions of this policy to understand and understand the way of trading of the Company.
This policy applies when Customer has a relationship with the Company, and at any time Customer uses products or services provided by the Company, ie Customer agrees to the terms that The Company provides in this Policy (including additions, modifications from time to time).
Depending on the situation, actual demand, the Company may adjust this Policy without notice or consent of the Customer. By updating this policy, the Company will revise the "last updated" time at the end of the Policy, so before using the products or services of the Company, customers should regularly check Check back for Policy Information for the latest updates. In the event Company updates the Policy and Customer's use of the Service after the Policy has been updated, it means that Customer agrees and is bound by the new terms (s) identified in the Agreement. Update policy.

Consulting: when customers come to the showroom of the Company or contact by phone or send request for support through the website of the company, customers will be consulted directly by the company's sales and consulting brand name, type of ladder, sample scale to best meet the needs and conditions of customers.
Orders: When customers have selected the appropriate type, customers will place orders with the company by contacting directly at any branch or representative office of the company in the direction. Specific guidance of the sales staff of the Company.
Contract conclusion: After the customer orders in accordance with sub-section 2 above, the sales staff of the Company will contact and invite customers to the company to sign the contract of sale.
Payment: After the contract is signed, the customer will make payment to the Company by cash or transfer according to terms and conditions agreed between the Company and customers in the Contract. copper.
After the payment to the Company according to the contract and within the time agreed upon in the contract, the Company shall carry out the process of handing over the ladder to the Customer as stipulated in the delivery policy. mentioned in Section 2 below.

Scope of regulation: This policy stipulates the basic contents of the procedures for delivery and receipt of elevators and escalators between the Company and its customers.
Objects of application: Company and customers purchase elevators and escalators of the Company (customers have completed the payment mentioned in sub-item 4, Section I above).
Place of delivery - elevator and elevator: The company will hand over the elevator to customers at the place of installation stated in the signed contract unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.
Process of delivery - receipt
General principle: The company will only deliver the lift to the person who has entered into the contract with the Company, or the person authorized by the person. The delivery of the elevator to the legally authorized person arising legal effect such as delivering the elevator to the contractor himself. Where the authorized person at the time of delivery does not produce a document proving the legal status of authorization, the company has the right to refuse the delivery of the elevator and inform the contractor of the delivery. ladder failed. In all cases, the Company will deliver the elevator to the customer at the place mentioned in the contract.
Before the elevator is handed over, the Company's Sales Consultant will contact the Customer in advance to confirm the time and location of the elevator and instruct the Customer to prepare some necessary documents. upon receipt of the elevator. Expenditure incurred in connection with delivery of elevators outside the installation site will be determined in accordance with the specific provisions of the Contract between the Company and the Customer.
At the time of hand-over, customers please directly check the type, quantity, condition of the elevator, accessories and / or other promotional items (if any) to collate. The suitability between the actual delivery and agreement of the parties in the contract.
Sales Consultant, when carrying out the procedure of handing over the elevator, shall prepare the "Acceptance and Delivery Handbook" ("Minutes"), which shows the status of the elevator at delivery and accessories. (if). Please check the contents of the minutes are recorded on the right

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