Maintenance service - Repair



TNE has a team of well-trained after-sales service staff who are spread throughout the country. With the annual output of approximately 1,000 units, the localization rate is high, TNE always have spare parts available at reasonable prices, elevator always have conditions to operate stable and safe.
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Repair - Overhaul

From elevators that have shown signs of degradation and potentially unsafe for users to simply changing the outward appearance of elevators, we will investigate and assess the extent of degradation, the functional performance of the equipment and will suggest options that suit the needs and usage frequency of customers.
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Escalator Maintenance

Escalators or any type of lift should be maintained during use. This is very good and ensures the continued operation of the stairs, to detect early and to prevent breakdowns in time. You need to consult escalator maintenance service of some elevator companies in the market to get the best quality.
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1/8C Hoang Viet Street, Ward 4 , Tan Binh Dist - HCMC

Tel: (84.028) 5449 0210 ~ 15 - Fax: (84.028) 5449 0208 ~ 09



Hotline for sale: 1900 6961 (from 6am - 10pm)

Hotline for maintenance: 1900 2034 (operate 24/24)

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