High-rise 3-storey townhouses are quite popular in big cities, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, this fact raises many problems such as: moving between floors is very difficult (for older people, people with joint diseases, pregnant women) and in some cases otherwise moving by stairs becomes very difficult, risky and sometimes impossible. Since then, there is a need for an elevator to be easily installed for families.


  1. Construction of an illuminated, ventilated, and water-proofed elevator hoistway, in accordance with shop drawing provided by Thien Nam. The tolerance of perpendicular line over the whole hoistway height must not exceed +25mm.
  2. Provision a ladder to the elevator pit.  
  3. Cutting openings for installing landing doors, hall buttons and indicators. Finish after installation.
  1. Water pipes, electrical wires...etc, must not be assembled inside hoistway.      
  1. Provision intermediate beams, max distance between beams is 1800mm.
  2. The Power supply: 01 Power supply panel: The power should be one-phases (220V - 50Hz) four-line and grounding. Power supply voltage variation does not exceed ±5%.

Special Remarks.

  1. Provision all electric power for lighting, tools, welding...etc during installation and test operation.
  2. Provision a secured area for storage of elevator equipment and material during installation.



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